ShibaW in the future hopes to become a leader in the ETHW Chain Meme modal symbol, it is the beginning of the ETHW Chain revolution is also a decentralized community building experiment.

The projects involved in the community building experiment are our currently uncultivated wilderness, and as we progress slowly away from the traditional social mode of thinking, we are free to discover and solve problems in new ways to achieve a completely free and equal quality of thought.

ShibaW not only inherits the fine and pure pedigree of SHIBA INU, but also carries out comprehensive optimization and enhancement, allowing investors living in ETHW Chain to experience the charm of the new generation of SHIBA INU

Our vision is to create a fully decentralized community project that is driven by hundreds of members who share our goals and drive SHIBAW forward. They will form community after community and build a creative, thoughtful, quality community that will drive the project forward at all times.

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