First of all, NFT Functionality Test is not an ordinary NFT It is a comprehensive marketplace and exchange for rare NFT casting, which means we can provide a casting platform for all artists and collectors and we can help them put their favorite NFTs These NFTs have firstly high artistic value and secondly are rare.

If a famous artist makes NFT only once in his life, then this NFT is very valuable. Ordinary players can also play NFT games on our platform, we will also develop our own NFT game exchange platform, users can cast their own NFTs on the casting platform and list them on our exchange, all NFT materials are in circulation, they can be auctioned, sold transferred and used.

SHIBAW NFT in the future will open pledge mining mode, users through the pledge NFT to get SHIBAW / ETHW and other tokens revenue, can be withdrawn at any time to buy and sell.

And SHIBAW NFT can be used as a reward prop in the game, successful breakthroughs will be rewarded with different NFT, SHIBAW NFT has the uniqueness NFT can only be used once and in the game you can collect pieces for NFT synthesis, the rarer the NFT value will be higher!


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