Ecology:Shibaw SHIBAW ecology is an application ecology composed of NFT, SWAP, GAMEFI, METAVERSE, and users can consume SHIBAW tokens to use ecological functions.

SHIBAW will open the pledge mining mode in the future, users can get SHIBAW/ETHW token revenue by pledging NFT, and can withdraw and buy and sell at any time. And SHIBAW NFT can be used as a reward prop in the game, successful breakthroughs will be rewarded with different NFT, SHIBAW NFT has uniqueness NFT can only be used once and in the game you can collect pieces for NFT synthesis, the rarer the NFT value will be higher!

SHIBAW SWAP is a multi-functional SWAP, which is characterized by fast speed, beautiful page style, low fees, users can interact with tokens in SHIBAW SWAP and later use tokens NFT for pledge mining, different from the traditional SHIBAW SWAP is that it has more Meme symbolism!

In short, both NFT, SWAP, GAMEFI are integrated, similar to aggregators and this aggregator is scaled up by the decentralized community

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