SHIBAW has a very close-knit, comprehensive community and we are completely transparent and open about it.

Members can express their opinions in the community, and we will make adjustments and modifications according to members' suggestions to make the community stronger, more united and mutual assistance. Finally, we hope more new members will join us!

SHIBAW communities: SHIBAW Token is a war waged by all community members united against decentralization.

Communities provide a more convenient and faster way to vote on any decision. Each of us has decision-making power, complete transparency and fairness. We also have a consistent reward system and incentive design at the core, and more importantly, it happens in a bottom-up environment. With all this, everyone in the community will feel a sense of belonging and all the resources we allocate will be voted on.

With no central authority, no bureaucracy, it remains an autonomous organization.

If we are willing to have the courage and attitude to forget and learn, as individuals we can make our own decisions and act for collective intent -- and still make money.

SHIBAW is a community where you are rewarded for your efforts and leaders hold occasional marketing promotions. As long as you are willing to put in the effort for this project, you will be well rewarded

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